Monday, September 27, 2010

My First Blog Post :Car Seat Confusion

    Ok I thought I would make this a blog to help grandma's with some of the new products and such, that are out on the market. There are so many mommy blogs, I have noticed but what about us grandma's?
     Us grandmommies actually need help once in awhile trying to figure out all these new gadgets. I know more then once I have been confused on things like these new fangled car seats. It had been a long time since my son was small enough to be in a car seat, and first time I went to get my first grand baby out of his car seat WOW!! What the heck happen to seat belt type buckles. I could see a latch in front under his chin, but once I had it undone, hmmm couldn't get my grand son out without bending his arms way behind him and NOPE no breaking this new grand baby :).
     SO finally I had to ask "Ok how do you get him out of here? I am going mad here I want to hold my grand son." And low and behold there is nice big red button that in raised letters say "PUSH". Ok first thing I think is why didnt they at least paint the lettering so you could see it said PUSH. They should know us grand parents dont have the best eyesight after all.
    Finally at last I am able to get my little grand son out and kiss his face and cuddle him. Who would have ever known that it would take an escape artist to figure out how to get this little bundle of joy out of that darn seat.
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